Monday, December 09, 2002

Rrawwr. My new website design is it is be rrawwr-some! Domo arigato to amber. She did dood the thing.

On to more stuffs. Family mine I do miss. There's so much them to love. Domo-Mum (my mum, moshi moshi), Domo-Son (my unlegitam..err..ate? son from Domo-Whore. She also give me some DTS or something. But cream works rash gone soon, domo arigato), Domo-Bum (my not having a house cousin), Domo-Dunce (he be not so smart), Homo-Kun (is be my uncle who likes other mans domos), Domo-Fun (party animal he is can not you tell?), Domo-Gun (black sheep criminal of family), Domo-Nun (she almost in heaven), Domo-Pun (makes jokes very dumb), Domo-Run (will soon to be in Olympics again. Was almost bronze at Nagano), and certainly not least but the mostest -- mostest fat, Domo-Tun (ohhh....very fat like sumo wrestler. Eats too much tempura!).

posted by domokun @ 6:15 a.m.

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