Tuesday, December 10, 2002


Just have a moments a go I was to be disgussing chat. Well, I was having more love affair with Penelope using keybored when Domo-Mum madly kindly bangued on my door. Knick-Knick! She wass very angry! She wass getting uready to go out. She looks like this. My great new digital camura takes excelling photos.

Domo-Mum says to me: "Domo-kun. How much times must I telling you not to borrow my lotion! It is for my beauty face and why you need lotion for anyways? Nice slippery lotion makes my beauty face young again! Not for boy like you. Never not again!" Then she takes lotion and leafs my room.

Lucky for me, I saved some in my secret hiding spot (under my pillow). It is in my secret hiding spot so I can have secret love time after much chatting with Penelope.

posted by domokun @ 7:37 p.m.

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