Tuesday, December 10, 2002

Dearingest Diary-sun,

Today having been great super day! I am logging into "chat" room into the yahoo! Many pretty girlsls! *fart* I learnded new word today! It is "Kewl." It is meaning very happy good times! I am using to be going many a time! Watch!
"Hello domo-kun! How is it you are being?"
"I am being kewlest!"

You see? Domo-kun will be kewlingest person! I am to use word in many occasions! Perhaps I am to useing in many instances for ladies of carrying! To pick up? yes! Kewlest!

Domo-kun is lonliest! Searching for wife is hard! Yahoo chat is most greatly helping! Already lady from Amirica want me to meet! She is ok looking, not good looking, just ok. Ha! Perhaps a little on ugly side. Ok, very ugly! But she has great Green Card to make of great use to Domo-kun! Domo-kun want being a star! In Amirica! Lady's name is "Penelope." I am not knowing how to be saying. I am thinking it to be "Peenal-hope"? Perhaps! Domo-kun maybe in love! Peenalhope do not know what Domo looks like in real time! I am telling her I am almost twin to Brad Pitt! Perhaps Domo-kun will have another Domo-son!

Domo tired!

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