Saturday, February 15, 2003

Domo is to be having much sadness on Valentine's day. Yesturaday, I was not being have date with nice girl, so I got out and store in I buy bouquet for himself.

Then I am noticing limp flower. It is limp like something else that is being in domo-pants, for there is being no one girl for me.

But much happy, on way to walking home one pretty lady say to Domo "Are you being looking for date, sugar?"

I am agreeing and now I am post photo of my new girlfriend

She is being so pretty and is also having, how does Canadians say here? Oh yes, she is having "Ass that won't quit"

Date is going much well, and surprise! Domokun is now no longer being virgin.

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Thursday, January 02, 2003

Much happy in holidays greetings to all! Domo-kun is haved best first Christmas in to Canada! At first, Domo is to thinking will being sad not much happy because I am being spending it alone. But its alright, Domo-Tun is surprising me with heavy visit. So Domo has having fun!

Here is picture me in kewlingest Christmas tree I buy from Ikea, great Canadian furniture store! I am not knowing what Ikea means in Canadian language, but they surely having great meatballs and cheap dog hots!

And look! Domo-mum sending present from Japan just for me! See how surprising I am being? Don't tell Domo-mum, but good smelling lotion is not to being used for face, is to be using for slippery love! Ha ha! Is joking only! I can changing name to Domo-Funny!

Here I am being with present from Domo-Tun. Chocolate Raspberry!

And coming is the funny surprise!

Domo-Tun is having eating it! OF COURSE!

Always, Happy Christmas and Merry New Year!

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Monday, December 23, 2002

Oh, is great news! Domo-kun has new flyer for hoping many new hires in job market!

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Sunday, December 22, 2002

I thinking maybe Domo-kun will have Canadian job I make up myself. I think of maybe to becoming police mans, or garbage man, or doctor. But way of having being every job I want simple! I will be person copycat. My best most suited job. I think it called... impersonator? I go parties and be anyone person boss wants. But first I must to hire some people to make ads for Domo-kun so many will want be hire me for greatest party entertainer.

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Domo-kun is going browsing on the internet and I come upon this great Russian man by the name of Ill Mitch. Just like me, he is immigrant. He is Russian immigrant who comed to Amirica, while I are Japanese immigrant who is comed to Canada. He is already made great name for himself as kewlingest rapper, plus he is great with ladies fans. I are thinking that I should becoming rap star just like him is. What are you think of new Ill Domo?

I am kewlingest and looking almost as Ill Mitch! See?

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Monday, December 16, 2002

Guess who comes over today? Domo-tun! He was found out about my sneakingness into Canada and he follows me! He give me great news that whole Domofamily will to be arrived here in Canada too. But lucky for me, they will won't live with me, they get own place. So Domokun can remain stay wild bachelors that I am.

What is first thing Domotun wanting to do when he coming to Canada? You guessed correct! He want to go to sushi bar! Heres is picture I took of Domotun. He is always was hungry.

what a fatso! but he's is family so its okay!

I should make myself more aware of Canada so I can be the one showing off country to my's family.

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Saturday, December 14, 2002

Guess what to be coming arrived in mail yesturaday! Me!

domokun now in canada!

I sneak into box for mailing from Japan to Canada. Forget Amirican, I to be now become real lived Canadian! But Domokun is be have one wanting question. Where is be Eskimos? Domokun thinked there is igloos but I am sad there is no.

What is first thing I am to doing as Canadian? Maybe I go to hokey game. Eh. Get it? Domokun is to real Canadian, "eh"! Ha ha ha, Domo is much funny!

Domokun is "kewlingest" Canadian, "eh"?!

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Thursday, December 12, 2002

Domokun is to be wanting next Ann Landers. Yesturaday I gotten email from young lady to be asking for Domo's advice. She must to be know that Domokun is love king and is always the larger winner with the females. Heres is her email:

Dear Domo-kun,

I don't know what to do. I'm in love with two guys and have been seeing each of them behind the other's back. Here's the twist. They're twin brothers. What should I do? They're both great in different ways, and I can't choose!

In love and in trouble

Wow, that is crazy! That is just like time me and Domo-Tun went out for sushi at karaoke bar. Food was almost gone all of it (Domo-Tun is sumo fat!) and all was left is tuna roll and spicy tuna roll. Now, I no knew what to do. I still hungry and both look very yummy. But is dilemma, they both tuna, they both good eat, but still, they same but they different. Just like you and your twos "boytoys". So guess what Domokun did do? I eated tuna roll when Domo-Tun go get glass of coca-cola, then I eated spicy tuna roll when he go get another coca-cola. I hoped I help you.


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Tuesday, December 10, 2002


Just have a moments a go I was to be disgussing chat. Well, I was having more love affair with Penelope using keybored when Domo-Mum madly kindly bangued on my door. Knick-Knick! She wass very angry! She wass getting uready to go out. She looks like this. My great new digital camura takes excelling photos.

Domo-Mum says to me: "Domo-kun. How much times must I telling you not to borrow my lotion! It is for my beauty face and why you need lotion for anyways? Nice slippery lotion makes my beauty face young again! Not for boy like you. Never not again!" Then she takes lotion and leafs my room.

Lucky for me, I saved some in my secret hiding spot (under my pillow). It is in my secret hiding spot so I can have secret love time after much chatting with Penelope.

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Dearingest Diary-sun,

Today having been great super day! I am logging into "chat" room into the yahoo! Many pretty girlsls! *fart* I learnded new word today! It is "Kewl." It is meaning very happy good times! I am using to be going many a time! Watch!
"Hello domo-kun! How is it you are being?"
"I am being kewlest!"

You see? Domo-kun will be kewlingest person! I am to use word in many occasions! Perhaps I am to useing in many instances for ladies of carrying! To pick up? yes! Kewlest!

Domo-kun is lonliest! Searching for wife is hard! Yahoo chat is most greatly helping! Already lady from Amirica want me to meet! She is ok looking, not good looking, just ok. Ha! Perhaps a little on ugly side. Ok, very ugly! But she has great Green Card to make of great use to Domo-kun! Domo-kun want being a star! In Amirica! Lady's name is "Penelope." I am not knowing how to be saying. I am thinking it to be "Peenal-hope"? Perhaps! Domo-kun maybe in love! Peenalhope do not know what Domo looks like in real time! I am telling her I am almost twin to Brad Pitt! Perhaps Domo-kun will have another Domo-son!

Domo tired!

Monday, December 09, 2002

Rrawwr. My new website design is it is be rrawwr-some! Domo arigato to amber. She did dood the thing.

On to more stuffs. Family mine I do miss. There's so much them to love. Domo-Mum (my mum, moshi moshi), Domo-Son (my unlegitam..err..ate? son from Domo-Whore. She also give me some DTS or something. But cream works rash gone soon, domo arigato), Domo-Bum (my not having a house cousin), Domo-Dunce (he be not so smart), Homo-Kun (is be my uncle who likes other mans domos), Domo-Fun (party animal he is can not you tell?), Domo-Gun (black sheep criminal of family), Domo-Nun (she almost in heaven), Domo-Pun (makes jokes very dumb), Domo-Run (will soon to be in Olympics again. Was almost bronze at Nagano), and certainly not least but the mostest -- mostest fat, Domo-Tun (ohhh....very fat like sumo wrestler. Eats too much tempura!).

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Sunday, December 08, 2002

Domokun is happy. As happy as the first time I watched the magic box with moving pictures. Roarr. I like to eat meat. Maybe my new favourite to do is will be my new diary. *fart*

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